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I began my journey as a computer scientist while studying neuroscience and working in a collaborative laboratory.

We were exploring "how the brain secretes the mind." As we reviewed computational models, I asked myself: "How can I assess these models if I don't know how they are implemented?"

And so, I enrolled in my first programming course. And then another. And then another. And then another.

I'm working to translate research into practice, and I see computer science as a vehicle for transformation.

"Learning Controllers (and Proofs of Correctness) from Demonstrations" by Dr. Sriram Sankaranarayanan at the CU Boulder Computer Science colloquium  

"Deep Learning for Robot Vision in Natural Environments" by Katherine Skinner at the CU Boulder Computer Science colloquium


A young Layne, likely getting ready to play Gorilla.Bas and maybe modifying some of the QBasic source code to navigate around bugs in the game 

"Integrating Post-Quantum Cryptography into Real-life Applications" by Christian Paquin of Microsoft Research at the DEF CON Hacking Conference


"Network Architectures Support Learnability" by Dr. Dani S. Bassett at the CU Boulder physics colloquium


Hello, world! Layne celebrating with the Dark Tangent, a.k.a. Jeff Moss, at a gathering for DEF CON China

P.S. To keep reading, check out my work on MindScribe or my trip to the LEGO® headquarters.

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